Token Frenzy on Blur: NFT Debut Sparks Surging Activity

• Blur [BLUR], the popular NFT trading platform, has witnessed a surge in activity and trading volume due to a recent NFT debut.
• Trading volume on Blur reached its highest point in almost three months, with over 30,000 ETH on 27 June and over 23,000 ETH on 28 June.
• Transaction metrics on DefiLlama showcased a significant increase, with counts of over 13,000 transactions on 27 June and 8,000 as of this writing.

Surging Activity on Blur Platform

The popular Non-Fungible Token (NFT) trading platform Blur [BLUR] has recently seen surging activity and trading volume due to an intriguing NFT debut. The platform experienced its highest monthly volume since April this year by adding more than 15%, while transaction metrics also saw a notable increase.

Transaction Volume Spikes

Emperor Osmo shared an update regarding the increased activity around Blur’s platform. On 28 June, the trading volume skyrocketed by more than 80%, reaching its highest point since April with over 30,000 Ethereum (ETH). Additionally, the third-highest trading volume was recorded at 23,000 ETH on 28 June. As of this writing the transaction count is still high at 3,000 ETH.

Increased Transaction Counts

DefiLlama highlighted the impact of this recent NFT listing on Blur’s key metrics such as transaction counts which experienced a remarkable spike to 13,000 transactions recorded on 27 June and 8,000 as of now. This surge in transactions indicates that there could be some correlation between Azuki Elemental’s listing and increased activity around Blur’s platform.

Azuki Elemental’s Performance

Azuki Elemental achieved impressive volumes during its launch week with more than 8,000 ETH traded within seven days and 2,00 ETH daily volumes. Additionally its floor price settled at around 1.5 Ether which is substantial given that it is only been one week since it’s launch date. Moreover Total Value Locked (TVL) within the platform stands at approximately $160 million as of now but has shown signs of decline suggesting shift in overall value locked within the platform

Impact Of Increased Activity On BLUR Token Price

The frenzy surrounding Azuki Elemental’s launch has had noticeable effects not only for BLUR tokens but also other related tokens like BLRX token which saw its market cap increase from $3 million to $4 million after the Azuki launch indicating growth potential for both tokens especially when taking into account increasing activities around them .

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