Polygon NFT Trading Volume Soars After Super Bowl | MATIC Limits Downside

Polygon’s NFT Boom

• Polygon recently announced that it has minted more than 1 million Super Bowl NFTs.
• This foray into NFTs has resulted in an increase of Polygons daily trading volume on OpenSea to $11.4 million.
• MATIC managed to pull off a 79% uptick at its recent weekly high, from its January lows.

Surge of Interest in the NFT Segment

The blockchain industry is abuzz with excitement as Super Bowl season kicks off and opportunities to capitalize on the hype arise. Polygon is among those taking advantage of this by offering a mega NFT minting event. The network has demonstrated its interest in tapping into the NFT segment in the past, and this move is no different as reports reveal that it registered its highest daily NFT trading volume on OpenSea at $11.4 million.

MATIC Limits Its Downside

Despite the SEC FUD causing MATIC’s price to take a 9% dip earlier in the week, it was able to limit any further downside and remain relatively strong at press time with a price of $1.24 and 24-hour gains of 0.04%. Furthermore, MATIC’s performance over the last 12 months have been impressive, managing to pull off a 79% uptick from its January lows; making it one of the best gainers among all top cryptos from current 12-month highs.

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How Much Are 1, 10 & 100 MATIC Worth Today?

How many are 1,10 & 100 MATIC worth today? At press time, 1 MATIC was valued at $1.24 while 10 were worth approximately $12.40 and 100 amounted to approximately 124$.

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