Polygon Launches Open Database For Blockchain Use Cases

• Polygon [MATIC] announced the launch of an open database consisting of use cases for blockchain technology, referred to as “The Value Prop”.
• Ripple [XRP] recently announced its partnership with Colombia’s central bank to explore blockchain technology use cases.
• There is a greater need to bring out the positive applications for blockchains, pitching it as a general-purpose technology.

Altcoin Polygon Launches Open Database for Blockchain Technology Use Cases

Polygon [MATIC], one of the largest Web3 networks, has launched an open database called “The Value Prop” which hosts applications and use cases spread across different business verticals, blockchain networks, and geographies. To expand this resource, Polygon asked users to contribute more use cases and applications.

Leveraging Blockchain for Real-World Utility

Harnessing blockchains to find solutions to real-world problems is gaining attention in light of unfavorable sentiment and negative headlines concerning U.S. regulators clampdown on major market participants like Binance and Coinbase. As such, experts in the space are pushing for greater recognition of the positive applications for blockchains by pitching it as a general-purpose technology rather than only seeing it as a medium for facilitating asset trading.

Ripple Announces Partnership with Colombia’s Central Bank

Apart from Polygon, other big networks have also stepped up their efforts in promoting blockchain technology utility. Ripple [XRP] recently announced its partnership with Colombia’s central bank Banco de la República to explore blockchain technology use cases as well as evaluate potential opportunities that can benefit both public and private sectors within the country through disruptive technologies such as blockchain.

Mint Free NFTs & Share Online

In order to further promote The Value Prop initiative online, Polygon encourages users to mint free non-fungible tokens (NFT) featuring their favorite use case before sharing them on Twitter or other social media platforms using hashtag #ValuePropNFTs. By doing so, users will be able to attract more attention towards these projects while at the same time educating others about how blockchain can be used beyond cryptocurrency exchanges or speculative investments.


Overall, initiatives like The Value Prop play an important role in helping drive adoption of blockchain technology by showcasing its potential uses in different industries and sectors around the world. With increased collaboration between leading players like Ripple and innovative startups like Polygon Labs paving way for more developments in this field; we can expect many exciting new products powered by decentralized technologies very soon!

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