PancakeSwap V3 on BNB Chain Booms: Bulls Win, Profit-taking Hinders Upside

•PancakeSwap V3 was recently deployed on the BNB smart chain and has seen a surge in unique active wallets (UAWs) since.
•The platform offers a wider range of tools and lower trading fees compared to its predecessor, incentivizing liquidity providers to join the network.
•On-chain activity including address activity, volume, and weighted sentiment have been steadily growing in response.

PancakeSwap V3 Launch

PancakeSwap [CAKE] v3 was recently deployed on the BNB smart chain and the timing could not have been more ideal. The rollout underpins the expanding DeFi horizon especially now that crypto is facing a lot of pressure from regulators in the West. According to a DappRadar analysis, the number of unique active wallets (UAWs) drastically grew after PancakeSwap V3’s launch on the BNB smart chain.

Incentives for LPs

The newly launched PancakeSwap V3 is already off to a healthy start with incentives fueling its UAW surge. The platform reportedly offers a wider range of tools and lower trading fees compared to its predecessor which may attract more liquidity providers (LPs). These LPs are expected to benefit from higher returns as well as boost PancakeSwap’s Total Value Locked (TVL).

CZ Acknowledgement

Binance CEO CZ acknowledged the PancakeSwap V3 launch on the BNB chain stating that more DEXs are necessary due to increasing regulations in the West on centralized exchanges. This may lead to more users flowing into decentralized exchanges in search of greater security and anonymity when trading crypto assets.

On-Chain Activity Surge

The surge in UAWs is mirrored by an increase in other on-chain metrics such as daily active addresses, volume, and weighted sentiment all of which have been steadily growing since PancakeSwap’s launch on BNB Chain. This signals potential user activity growth within PancakeSwaps ecosystem following deployment onto Binance Smart Chain Network.


All things considered, PancakeSwap V3 appears to be off to a healthy start with increased user activity across multiple on-chain metrics backed by industry support from top executives such as CZ from Binance group indicating strong faith behind this project’s future prospects making it one of most promising projects currently within DeFi space

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