Earn Crypto Token Rewards in the Revolutionary OPAIG AI Game!

• OvalPixel launched a blockchain-powered AI trivia game that pays players in crypto tokens.
• Players can earn tokens through correctly answering real-time trivia questions and exchange them for money or 3D NFTs.
• The company has implemented a buyback and burn system to increase the value of OPAIG tokens.

OvalPixel Launches Play-to-Earn OPAIG AI Game Token

OvalPixel announced the launch of its groundbreaking blockchain-powered artificial intelligence (AI) trivia game that pays players in crypto tokens. The OvalPixel AI game token with the symbol $OPAIG allows players of all ages and experience levels, from gamers to grandmas, to earn OPAIG utility tokens by correctly answering trivia/quiz questions generated in real-time by OvalPixel’s innovative AI system.

Mainstream Accessibility Enabled By Banana Crystal Payments

To enable mainstream audience access, OvalPixel has partnered with Banana Crystal Payments. This allows anyone to play OPAIG and earn tokens which they can simply convert to USDT digital dollars. No complex crypto knowledge is needed.

Continuous Buyback & Burn Mechanism To Increase Token Value

OvalPixel will institute a continuous buyback and burn mechanism to increase the value of OPAIG tokens over time. In addition to buying back and burning OPAIG tokens, OvalPixel will also buy back redeemed tokens and reintroduce them into the rewards pool. Thus, preventing the need to mint additional tokens and inflating the supply, helping with the preservation of OPAIG’s value.

Airdrop Free Tokens To Early Adopters & Players

OvalPixel will also airdrop free OPAIG tokens to early adopters and players so that they stand to gain the most as supply decreases and demand rises over time.

Play Now On The OvalPixel Website

The OPAIG game is available now for play on the OvalPixel website. OvalPixel aims to onboard millions of active players in the first year and demonstrate how blockchain and AI can go mainstream.

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