CRV Loses Market Share: What to Know About Curve Finance’s Fall

• Curve Finance’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has been declining, peaking at $24 billion in January 2022 and currently sitting around $3.74 billion.
• Curve’s liquidity pools are losing momentum due to reduced incentives and lower yields compared to other decentralized exchanges with lower capital requirements.
• Analyzing the TVL outflows can give insight into the current state of Curve Finance, which is at risk of being sidelined in the next DeFi rally.

Curve Finance’s Declining TVL

Curve Finance has seen its Total Value Locked (TVL) peak at just above $24 billion in January 2022 before it began a downward spiral. As of press time, its TVL sits at $3.74 billion, highlighting the dwindling confidence in its liquidity pools.

Reduced Incentives and Lower Yields

In order to entice crypto holders to contribute to liquidity pools, platforms like Curve require incentives such as passive earnings. However, due to reduced incentives and lower yields compared to other DEXs with lower capital requirements, Curve’s liquidity pools have been losing momentum.

Analyzing TVL Outflows

Analyzing TVL outflows can offer insights into the current state of Curve Finance – whether it can survive or even recover from this slump – which may be at risk of being sidelined during the upcoming DeFi rally if nothing changes soon.

Impact on CRV Holders

The loss of market share for Curve could have major implications for users and CRV holders alike; they may not be able to benefit from passive earnings or potential gains should CRV start rising again anytime soon.


It remains uncertain whether Curve will experience a revival anytime soon but analyzing its outflows gives us an indication that it might need more than just an upgrade in order for it to remain competitive amidst other DEXs with better incentives and higher yield rates..

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