Academic course on blockchain and crypto-currency launched for university students in Colombia

UxTIC Fundación Binance and Univida, launched a small private online course

The network of UxTIC Universities, focused on promoting research in information technologies; Binance Foundation and Univida (Virtual and Distance Learning Academic Unit), launched a SPOC (small private online course) with an academic focus, which integrates knowledge of blockchain and cryptomoney in Colombia and aims to train future researchers and teachers and promote further research in the country for the use of digital currencies and block chain technology. This is what they informed Cointelegraph en Español, through a press release.

„The course was developed by experts in the field of UxTIC and has a duration of 24 hours, divided into four modules that will integrate the basic fundamentals of blockchain, and crypto coins. A first phase will be made for at least 200 students from two universities and then extended to 30 more universities in Colombia. The participants will obtain a certificate at the end of the course and an incentive from Binance to start with the practice in the use and exchange of crypto-currencies“, they detailed.

Philipe Boland, from the UxTIC Network, explained:

„University students must be prepared for the future. New currencies will emerge such as Facebook and many global institutions will implement blockchain, therefore, they should know what it is and take advantage of this end of year period to know, certify, practice and be part of this community. It will be aimed exclusively at students and academics, since our goal is to encourage research and provide tools to the education sector to deepen on these issues.

On the other hand, from Binance they indicated this course is the entrance door for a long term work with Colombian universities, because the idea is to make alliances that allow a greater knowledge of the sector, consolidate academic and research ecosystems, develop laboratories and promote knowledge and education of the future in digital currencies.

„For Binance, education is an important pillar for the sector in which we develop. Without knowledge, it is difficult for people to understand and take advantage of the benefits provided by new technologies and new financial ecosystems. Therefore, in addition to our training platform Binance Academy, we are very happy to start this accompaniment to the academic sector and together work to promote research in experts and teachers. For us, this marks the beginning of a long term work that we want to develop with all the universities in the country and thus allow more Colombians to have access to this information, keep themselves updated and be a reference for the region“, commented Bryan Benson, Binance Latam’s Operations Director.

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